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June 21, 2014

Not insisting on any particular viewpoint, ism, sect etc, he verily proclaimed what he experienced himself. He explained the most subtle, the most intricate, and the most profound topics of the spiritual path in a simple manner so that even an ordinarily educated person could easily understand them and enshrine them in his or her life.

The very living embodiment of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Paramsraddheya Shree Swamiji Maharaj also wrote an unparalleled commentary on the Gita entitled ‘Sadhaka-Sanjivani,’ which is his unique gift to the spiritual world. In addition, he has also composed several other wonderful sacred texts such as Gita-Darpaṇ, Gita Prabodhani, Sadhan-Sudha-Sindhu, etc. These sacred texts are written on the strength of personal experience, and not on the basis of scholarship.

This great glory of the spiritual world reverted back to Godhead (tirobhava) on July 3, 2005 (Ashada Krishna 12, Vikram Samvat 2062) on the bank of the holy river Ganges, Gita Bhavan, Svaragashram (Rishikesh).

It was the special instruction of the utterly detached, embodiment of renunciation, Paramsraddheya Shree Swamiji Maharaj, that no one should write his biography. This brief introduction is written by way of “shakha-chandra-nyaya,” (analogically pointing out the moon through the branch of a tree), so that maximum number of people, by becoming familiar with this great saint, may benefit from his teachings.